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Network Lubbock provides solutions for all your needs.

Our successful solutions include everything your business needs to keep you running effectively. We understand that most business's are under tight schedules and even tighter budgets. Let our Team help develop tools to help your business’s telecommunications and data infrastructure needs.



Net Connect

With the ever growing IT needs it is extremely important to keep your network running at maximum capacity. Net Connect provides an effective solution for many of your IT needs. It provides 24/7 real time monitoring of all your critical network devices, and will alert our technicians when an issue arises. Net Connect also provides important scheduled routine maintenance for all your network devices. It automatically applies the latest update for all your applications. Plus, it keeps track of all your software licensing to make sure you are not in violation, which could be costly to your business. Through quarterly network health reviews, we can work with you to help make optimal technology choices that will enhance your network, and keep you within your budget. We all know time is money, so through Net Connect you experience priority service, as well as receive 24/7 helpdesk services that will help minimize downtime which will reduce costly repairs and outages.



Our trained and experienced staff will help develop customized solutions to fit your needs. Whether you are planning an upgrade or in the market for new technology solutions, we will present you with essential information that can save you both time and money. Network Lubbock can provide multiple solutions to meet your consulting needs.



Communication is a key ingredient to a successful business environment. Network Lubbock can show you how to channel information faster, more reliably and more cost effective than any other method. Save time and money with our e-mail services. Our anti-virus and anti-spam e-mail servers pre-scan your e-mail to reduce the threat of malicious viruses and spam.


Internet Access

No business can afford not to be a part of such a valuable resource as the Internet. Your business can benefit in innumerable ways by being online – faster research, customer support, remote access – just for starters! And for high speed access, we’re the broadband experts. Our Internet firewalls offer security and works great with DSL, Satellite, Cable or other broadband solutions. Network Lubbock would be happy to help your company grab hold of all the treasures available on the World Wide Web.


Filters and Secure Internet Connectivity

Network Lubbock can get you connected to the Internet using DSL, Satellite, Cable, or larger connection such as T1, T3 or more. We will also make sure your connection is secure by implementing solutions to help prevent external attacks. Plus we can also filter your email by content and spyware, which can help maximize the connection you have.


Computer Services

Network Lubbock provides the highest quality workstation/server maintenance and support. We will also build to order any workstation or server to meet your needs. We are eager to work with your team to provide you with most cost effective and powerful workstation/server.


Network Configuration

Sometimes technology can be fairly confusing. Network hardware is often very complex, and it can be frustrating trying to install and properly operate today’s technology. Network Lubbock is proud to offer configuration services to your company. Our highly trained technicians can get your system up and running quickly, reliably and securely.


Wireless Networking

Network Lubbock has the expertise to understand that not all networks are equal. We can help you design a wireless network, whether it is for your office building or supplying wireless network for a city block. Our specialists can help you with consulting, design, surveys, monitoring and security.



Our software specialists will install your software and ensure it works at optimum performance. From spreadsheets to word processing to accounting systems to custom software, Network Lubbock knows business operating systems. And we’ll help you choose the right software for your business. Plus you can count on Network Lubbock to keep your software up to date and trouble free.



Understanding the confidentiality of your data and the integrity of your network is the very center of Lubbock Network. Maintaining security systems can be a burden on any business. Lubbock Network can assist you with remote access, VPN and point to point connections for remote locations. We understand the extra needs of Health Care and HIPAA compliance. Let Network Lubbock design solutions that will secure your data and provide network security.


Patron Internet Access

At Network Lubbock, we know the value of offering Internet access to your residents, clients and the general public. Whether it is free access or charge-for-use service, wired or wireless, let Network Lubbock design the right solution for your business demands.


Telephony/Business Telephone Systems

Network Lubbock can assist you with any telephony requirements. Installing and trouble shooting digital and VoIP Systems is just some of the telephony help we can offer. Even if it is just a simple task of trouble shooting phone problems through the providers, we will work closely with your team. Our partners can even help with more complex telephony questions through consulting, design and engineering.


Web Design

Your web site is your storefront along the information highway. Without a good design, content and some pizzazz, most will skip over your web site in search of something exciting. Network Lubbock will work closely with your team to acquire and register a great domain name, build a web site, from full turnkey products or updating and changing your current web site to current designs. We also have the ability to be your web host and help with your DNS needs.


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